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Destination Seattle

Publié le par YVRARD Romain

I was only two weeks in Seattle trying to get in touch with a few companies such as Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Callison, Tableau. I prepared before coming by trying to get in touch with Director / CEO via mails, networking ... . During one month I did that before in Vancouver.

I wasn't good ... I just stayed in front of their office. It was impossible for me to have the possibility to meet them. So please - don't speak about motivation, dedication ...

When we're able to come in front of you by asking few minutes of your time and you prefer ignoring people - so don t say "I want to enchant the world" because you can't write "sorry, I have no time". The joke was a VP from Amazon who told me - I put your resume on the right hand ... Yes I confirmed _ few days later I received a link for application. Thanks but it's a step I made before.

So insead of complaining myself I enjoy to be in this city surrounding by nature and fun people. So I keep in mind this ... Seattle still in my heart as a great city.

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