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Destination Seattle

Publié le par YVRARD Romain

I was only two weeks in Seattle trying to get in touch with a few companies such as Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, Callison, Tableau. I prepared before coming by trying to get in touch with Director / CEO via mails, networking ... . During one month I did that before in Vancouver.

I wasn't good ... I just stayed in front of their office. It was impossible for me to have the possibility to meet them. So please - don't speak about motivation, dedication ...

When we're able to come in front of you by asking few minutes of your time and you prefer ignoring people - so don t say "I want to enchant the world" because you can't write "sorry, I have no time". The joke was a VP from Amazon who told me - I put your resume on the right hand ... Yes I confirmed _ few days later I received a link for application. Thanks but it's a step I made before.

So insead of complaining myself I enjoy to be in this city surrounding by nature and fun people. So I keep in mind this ... Seattle still in my heart as a great city.

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Destination San Francisco : Mission ... Tags n murals

Publié le par YVRARD Romain

Go and loose yourself in San Francisco ... and maybe on your way. You will find one aspect of American culture. Let's rock the ground and enjoy murals, tags ... Some of them are full of history about Mexican Revolution, some of them are just a testimony ...

so in mix American n Spanish I will say : me encanta the beauty of the world.

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SAN FRANCISCO Pictures - Japanese Tea Garden

Publié le par YVRARD Romain

une pause ... dans l'absolue silence et introspection.

Imagine a great city,

Imagine a place surrounding by nature,

Imagine a space out of time ...

Golden Gate Park is the biggest park inside the city in the USA. You have specific areas - one of them : "Japanese tea Garden"


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